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Living The Life I Want

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.”  ~Napolean Hill The time will never be just right to…lose weight. The time will never be just right to…hike mountains. The … Continue reading

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My Brother’s Garden

Another post about food?? YAY! In my family we have a lot of good cooks. We also have lots of people who are good at growing things. So far, I … Continue reading

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An awakening

At this moment, in this place, in my life, I feel like I am a rosebud. I feel like I have spent a great deal of time growing my stems … Continue reading

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Books There are a number of books that I have read in my lifetime (I love to read) that have had an impact on me in some way. This is … Continue reading

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July 2011 Garden

Okay I haven’t posted much about my garden this year. The reason is that I have been frustrated and annoyed by it. Things that did very well last year, and … Continue reading

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Chris Beebe’s Summer Staycation Day 6

I don’t have any really amazing pictures of breathtaking wilderness today because instead of heading out and adventuring we decided to spend the last day of Staycation 2011 at home. … Continue reading

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Butte Falls

Butte Falls, Oregon No, we didn’t head off to Montana. Butte Falls, Oregon is a small town, northeast of Medford, population about 430. The town was originally based on logging … Continue reading

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