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Butte Falls

Butte Falls, Oregon No, we didn’t head off to Montana. Butte Falls, Oregon is a small town, northeast of Medford, population about 430. The town was originally based on logging … Continue reading

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Pilot Rock and Drag Racing

Well day number four of Chris’ vacation was another jam packed adventure filled day! We started off doing some work in the garden and puttering around the house. Then we … Continue reading

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Squaw Lake Yesterday’s adventures consisted of two hikes! We are really getting into this whole vacation and exploration thing. I was told by a friend about two small lakes near … Continue reading

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Shasta Lake

No single image can really portray the vastness that is Lake Shasta. Lake Shasta, also known as Shasta Lake, is an artificial lake in Northern California. It was created by … Continue reading

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Shamelessly Stolen Pasta Salad

Shamelessly Stolen Pasta Salad Years ago, perhaps about 12 or 13, I was treated to a delicious and very simple pasta salad recipe by my friend Jenni. Since that time, … Continue reading

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