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Weekend Review 3.10.13

What a weekend! Did you remember to turn your clocks forward this morning? I did! Roxie was so sweet to wake me up at 4 AM (which suddenly became 5 … Continue reading

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Picture Friday

Sometimes I go through my pictures and realize I have taken several and forgotten to post or comment about them. So I decided I’m going to post a few pictures … Continue reading

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Happy November!

(source) November is a busy month. We are taking a quick weekend get away. I have four weeks left of school with a significant amount of work associated with that. … Continue reading

November 1, 2012 · 2 Comments

What I’m Loving Wednesday 10-10-12

What I’m Loving Wednesday 10-10-12 1. Google Drive. Google Drive used to be Google Docs and it is a way to share documents, photos, presentations, and files with other users … Continue reading

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New Additions

I would like to introduce you to the newest additions here at Casa Beebe: Daisy May & Roscoe.   They are also the reason I didn’t get the blog post … Continue reading

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Weekend Review 9/17/12

Do you like my new ^^ Weekend Review image? I made it myself. I am so not artsy and combine artsy with computer technology and well…this is what you get. … Continue reading

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Saturday Snippets

Hello Friends! I hope you all survived the holiday with your fingers and toes intact, along with your eyebrows! We had a quiet evening at home and did I tell … Continue reading

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Roxie Photo Montage

I just feel like there has been a lack of Roxie pictures lately…ENJOY! Pirate Medallion! Bad Kitty! (she caught a bird)

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Hi Friends! It may be a little quiet around here for the next week or so. I will try my darndest to post a few tidbits here and there, but … Continue reading

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Happy Friday Evening

We made it through another week! My first week of Spring Term is complete, only ten more to go! Today was a homework, errands, nap kind of day. The sun … Continue reading

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