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Cleanse Complete! Whew!

Cleanse Complete! Well, I finished up my Spring Cleanse Thursday night. I ended up having just enough drops to make it through the last day, but barely. For me, as … Continue reading

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Cleanse Day 12- Food Diary

Cleanse Day 12 12 down, 2 to go! I fear that I am going to run out tomorrow of the Red Clover drops. I will probably have enough for the … Continue reading

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Spring Cleanse Day 10

Over halfway done! Cleansing is a way to detoxify the body from chemicals we are exposed to in our everyday lives. We are exposed to chemicals and toxins in the … Continue reading

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Garden Project

Garden Project Chris and I like to try and grow things. In the past 12 or so years we have had a couple of different garden attempts. When we lived … Continue reading

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