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Cleanse Complete! Whew!

Cleanse Complete!

Well, I finished up my Spring Cleanse Thursday night. I ended up having just enough drops to make it through the last day, but barely.

For me, as I’ve said, cleansing is about removing toxins from the body, but also it is away to refocus my eating habits. I try to eat a fairly healthy diet, most of the time. Some days I do better than others. Sometimes I eat too much and sometimes I eat just right.

This is a journey for me. Sometimes it is a struggle because I really enjoy food, and I really enjoy cooking, so trying to keep my eating habits in check can be a challenge. Over the past few years I have learned a lot about food and about what is and is not healthy, what is and is not good food advice, and I’ve learned a lot about myself.

Completing a cleanse for me is a way to take the good information I have about food, about health and nutrition and vitality, and refocus my energy and get my diet in better balance. It is interesting how easy it is to veer off course of healthy eating. Bad food and non-food is everywhere, and it’s cheap and it tastes good! But it is so bad for our bodies. One of my main motivations for eating healthy is that I do not want to battle Western Metabolic Disorder diseases. You know the diseases that anyone eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) suffers with. Things like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and cancers. More and more research supports the fact the mental disease, bipolar, depression, ADD/ADHD in children and even diseases on the autism spectrum, are in direct relation to the chemicals and processed corn and soy products that are in the food we consume every day.

I, for one, do not feel that it is necessary for me to give up my right to a healthy life to the food conglomerates that don’t care about whether I’m healthy or not, they only care about the dollars in their pockets. So, I choose, more often than not, to avoid their non-food, in an effort to protect myself from debilitating disease.

Side effects of healthy eating include more energy, weight loss and natural body weight maintenance, better mind acuity, clearer skin, and no medications!

This time around, my cleanse did all of the things I hoped it would do. I lost a few pounds, my skin is clearer, my mind feels sharp and my energy level is up. I am incorporating more activity into my every day. I am looking for ways to be more active. Take the stairs; walk from the back of the parking lot, all that stuff.

Most importantly, my food is clean, healthy and natural. I am back on track. I am eating good food, in good portions and I am feeling better every day. I think most people who eat a SAD would be shocked to realize how much better than can feel if they really, truly ate a clean and healthy diet.

At any rate, my spring cleanse is over. I feel good and happy. And, I’m glad to be able to eat eggs again! I missed eggs.

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This entry was posted on May 10, 2010 by in food, health.
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