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Fall Festivities!

What a GREAT weekend! One of my besties came to visit me! AND we went on a wine tasting tour! Such fun! My friend Heidi came to visit me for … Continue reading

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The Friday Five 2

I really didn’t mean to disappear this week, but it is midterm week people! Is it difficult for anyone else to believe that we are already halfway through Fall 2011 … Continue reading

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Charter Fishing

Chris and I have talked about going Charter Fishing, oh, about a million times in the almost twenty years we have been together. Guess what!? We finally got around to … Continue reading

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The Friday Five

I have mentioned that I read a number of blogs pretty regularly. I find them to be interesting, informative, funny, heartwarming, and inspiring in many ways. Plus, when I read … Continue reading

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Mid Week Mumbles

Did you know that I am named after an author? Anyone care to guess who? No fair cheating and using google. Also no fair for my mother, brother, husband or … Continue reading

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Bulk Bins

Have you been grocery shopping lately? I go once every week or two. I hate grocery shopping and try to buy as much as I can each trip so that … Continue reading

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Totally 80’s Part Two

Okay, after I went to bed last night, I thought of a bunch more movies I should have included in my “totally 80’s” classics or great movies. Who can forget … Continue reading

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