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Thought into Action

“Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one’s thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world.” ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (source)   This cartoon … Continue reading

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Working Out…after a break

This summer I was posting my workouts everyday on my personal Facebook page as a status update. Then came late summer, early fall, and I have (ahem) slacked off on … Continue reading

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Looking for Inspiration

I have not been feeling the inspiration lately… I know we all go through these times, these ups and downs of energy and motivation and inspiration. Life is that way. … Continue reading

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My Weekend In Pictures

Grilled rib eye, smashed red potatoes, green beans, onions and smoked pepper medley-potatoes, green beans and peppers from the garden. Crepes with fresh-frozen (picked by me) blackberries and smidge of … Continue reading

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Procrastination & Lunch

Today’s post brought to you by procrastination at (school)work, the leading supplier of blog posts, facebook posts, twitter updates and other random useless time wasters in the world. (<–think PBS … Continue reading

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Mid-week Mumbles

Cute title, huh?  I think I will be using these Sunday Snippets and Mid-Week Mumbles for titles of posts that are a little bit of a mish mash of thoughts. … Continue reading

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A great post from another blogger

The Wannabe Athlete has a great post that ties in so well with what Inspire the Light is about. What are you waiting for? The time will never be perfect. … Continue reading

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Sunday Snippets

Happy OCTOBER!! Oh I LOVE October! I love everything to do with Halloween, and the fall decorations! I love it! I have been decorating today. And cooking. And decorating. I … Continue reading

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