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Return to Yoga

I did it! First a little background. Somewhere around 2006 I started going to Yoga at my gym regularly, pretty much every week. I LOVED IT! Loved. It. (source) I … Continue reading

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Meatless Monday

Have you heard of Meatless Monday? It is an idea in the foodie/health/nutrition world to have a dinner on Monday night that doesn’t contain meat. The idea behind it is … Continue reading

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Weekly Meal Plan 1.5.13

One of the things that I have talked about before as being critical to my healthy eating/weight loss success is meal planning and preparation. I don’t know why I have … Continue reading

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Christmas Dinner

I know it is past Christmas, but I wanted to share our Christmas dinner with you. It was so delicious! Chris and I didn’t do anything for Christmas this year. … Continue reading

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Some of my Holiday Favorite Things

Favorite Christmas Songs Favorite Christmas Movies (source) (source) (source) Favorite Christmas Foods Egg Nog…I like mine with a splash o scotch. (source) Iced sugar cookies…only at Christmas! (source) 7 Layer … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Recap

First of all…I have to apologize for some of the really poor quality pictures. My cameras were on strike this last week and were refusing to cooperate with me. Whatever. … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Plans

Week! (image source) I am hosting a small Thanksgiving this year. I started hosting Thanksgiving dinner shortly after I got married and bought my first house about 15 years ago. … Continue reading

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Sleepless in Seattle – Weekend Review Special Edition

Hello Friends! We had a whirlwind trip to Seattle and now are back to the weekly grind. Our trip started off *very* early Saturday morning. Earlier than we had scheduled … Continue reading

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Portland Visit, Continued

While I was in Portland last week I did several things. I saw my friends, I went shopping at some of my favorite places, and I went to some good … Continue reading

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Trader Joe’s

(source) OH MY GOSH!  We *FINALLY* have a Trader Joe’s here in Medford! I cannot tell you how excited/happy I am about this.  When I lived in Portland I didn’t … Continue reading

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