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Thanksgiving Plans

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I am hosting a small Thanksgiving this year. I started hosting Thanksgiving dinner shortly after I got married and bought my first house about 15 years ago. I don’t do it every year because frequently Chris and I take a vacation that starts either Thanksgiving Day or the day after (airfare can be super cheap!) so those years we either don’t do anything or have our Thanksgiving early. 
With our current lifestyle of Chris being on call and me being school we haven’t taken a vacation at Thanksgiving time for a few years and we have needed to stay home in case Chris has to go to work. I have hosted the last couple of years. 
The first year we moved here (2009) we had only been here for about a month when my three best girlfriends came down to celebrate with us, drink tons of wine…
 and go Black Friday shopping.
I have never seen a car so filled with swag before! Those girls shopped till they dropped…literally! They shopped here in Medford, starting at some ridiculous hour in the morning, shopped most of the day, then drove the over four hours home and then did more shopping! They were still out shopping at ten o’clock that night. So funny. 
Okay that was a tangent, but once I remembered it I had to share it. Too funny!
Last Thanksgiving was really great because my grandparents from California stopped by on their way to the big family Thanksgiving, my mom and my maternal grandmother were here, and my brother surprised us all by showing up completely unannounced!! Such a great Thanksgiving present.

It is also kind of bittersweet because my grandma from California (in the red coat) has dementia and in the last year her life has changed dramatically. She is now in a care center and doesn’t really know who most people are anymore. It was a really special gift to see her last year because it is unlikely that we will ever be able to visit like that again. 
This year, my brother and my niece are coming. As far as I know, no other surprise visitors will be here. I’m super excited to see my niece and spend a few days with her. I miss her a lot! My brother’s visit will be quick, but it is always great to see him and he is an excellent cook…having another trustworthy cook in the kitchen for Thanksgiving is never a bad thing!
We are doing the very typical turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce and pie. We will also have some appetizers. I am trying to remind myself that there is only four of us so I don’t need to cook for any army. Good luck with that, Corrie! 
The turkey is defrosting in the fridge, I think I have all the groceries I will need….now all we have to do is wait for the big day!
What are your Thanksgiving plans this year? Do you cook a traditional meal or are you a non-traditionalist? I understand my maternal grandma (in the blue vest) is making a prime rib. She doesn’t really like turkey. I know, because she tells me that every Thanksgiving! Ha! Poor gram. 

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