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Hi Friends! It may be a little quiet around here for the next week or so. I will try my darndest to post a few tidbits here and there, but … Continue reading

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Weekend Rewind

What a lovely Memorial Day Weekend! Rewind to Friday: First thing Friday morning I headed out to get some training miles on my feet for the half marathon (that is … Continue reading

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Dear Abby

Happy Sunday Friends! It has been a lovely weekend so far here at Casa Beebe. The weather started off a little icky yesterday morning, but cleared up and turned out … Continue reading

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The Friday Five 5/24/12

1. What I’m Reading A stack of books about celebrities and culture. I have a research paper and presentation to write and I am focusing on the emergence of celebrity … Continue reading

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Mental Health Day – Update

Blogs are an interesting thing. They are like a diary, but they are public. I know some people read mine all the time, others pop in periodically, and there is … Continue reading

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Sunday Recap

Ah Sunday! Sunday’s are probably the best day of the week, or the second best. Saturday might be *the* best. But often, Saturday’s are filled with projects and chores, while … Continue reading

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Getting Back to the Swing of Things

It was time. Yes, time to get back to the swing of things. Chris and I headed out to the driving range yesterday afternoon to brush off our rusty arms … Continue reading

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Outstanding Woman Student

Today Chris and I got dressed up. This never happens on the weekends. For one thing Chris isn’t comfortable getting dressed up. He says he feels like he is in … Continue reading

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Hot In S. Ore

Last weekend we hit 85-90  degree weather here in S. Ore. It was glorious!! I live for summer-time sunshine. We spent Saturday out in the garden and yard all day … Continue reading

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The Friday Five 5/18/12

1. What I’m Reading I started reading this book in 2009. I barely got into it and then had to return it to the person I borrowed it from. I … Continue reading

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