Casa Beebe

Hot In S. Ore

Last weekend we hit 85-90  degree weather here in S. Ore. It was glorious!! I live for summer-time sunshine.

We spent Saturday out in the garden and yard all day planting and enjoying the weather.

Sunday though we took the boat out for our first real all day boating session of the season. Our last trip was more of a shakedown to make sure everything was running okay and no issues.

This time we took our fishing poles, wore swimsuits, brought lunch and planned for a whole day on the lake.

We went to Lost Creek again. It really is our favorite place down here.

It was HOT. It is only May people! Whew!

The fishing was horrible. Ironic because Chris stopped at Sportsman’s Warehouse the other day to check out the fishing report. It said that 25,000 trout had been stalked or stocked (thanks brother for pointing out the spelling error) the week before, and that they were biting mid-morning on power bait and wedding ring spinners. Okay, so that is exactly when and with what Chris and I were fishing with. We got nothing. Not one single little maybe-kinda nibble. We only ever saw one fish jump! It was a lame fishing expedition. Oh well, we had fun regardless.

After we got tired of fishing we did some sunbathing. (With sunscreen people!!)

Look at that! Gorgeous weather, gorgeous lake! Gorgeous! It was a fabulous day. My favorite place to be.

Plus we have new cupholders on the boat!

I took a couple pictures of Chris’ new paint job while the boat was on the trailer and we had a bit more room to maneuver. The photo’s he tried to get at home in the driveway didn’t show it all that well.

Ignore the fact that the suburban is dirty. 🙂 The boat looks damn good for a backyard paint job. Chris likes it because it looks stealthy. This is temporary until we do a bit more work and get an entirely new paint job, but it works for this year.

You can bet that I am 100% planning on being back out on the lake again this weekend!

Do you like to go boating? Some people are just not into it…I love it! It is my most favorite thing to do to relax.

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