Casa Beebe

The Friday Five 5/24/12

1. What I’m Reading

A stack of books about celebrities and culture. I have a research paper and presentation to write and I am focusing on the emergence of celebrity as we know it today, starting with the Greek words celebritas and the original form of the word fame. Technology and literacy play a huge role. Very interesting stuff. I actually want to fully read all of these books but simply don’t have the time…at least not by the time the presentation is due. I might read them anyway after.

2. What I’m Listening To

I head a song today that I loved when I was in high school. I touch myself by the Divinyls. Hahaha! Does anyone remember this song? No? Just me? Ok.  Great song.

3. What I’m Watching

Eh..not much this week. The films in my classes haven’t been that great and my shows have reached the end of their seasons. I am kinda ticked because I heard that The Finder has been cancelled. I pretty much gave up on GRIMM. I loved the Monroe character, but the rest of it was just too far fetched for me. I couldn’t buy in. The final season of The Closer starts in July, so I’m waiting for that. I am still kinda waiting to see how Bones handles the new relationship. I’m not sure I dig it.

4. What I’m Eating

Well, after a little more than six weeks of a pretty restrictive diet, I am starting to add back in foods like peanut butter, cheese and other things, but I am still minimizing carbs (outside of vegetables) and still avoiding all added sugar. I have to say: I am SO thankful to be able to eat peanut butter again!!

5. What I’m Looking Forward To

I just wrapped up week 8 of school! That means 2 real weeks left and then finals week! YAY! I’m super looking forward to being done and having a little break before summer term. Summer term is two online classes and my internship. I’m really looking forward to that.

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