Casa Beebe

My Weekend In Pictures

Grilled rib eye, smashed red potatoes, green beans, onions and smoked pepper medley-potatoes, green beans and peppers from the garden.

Crepes with fresh-frozen (picked by me) blackberries and smidge of maple syrup. Heaven on a plate, people. Heaven on a plate.

Pumpkin chocolate chip cooke dough…..what more is there to say?

Peanut Butter Nutella cookies from Back To Her Roots blog. YUM.

Finished product, pumpkin choc chip and peanut butter nutella…..

Some of our wonderful, and amazing, pepper harvest! Aren’t they pretty! Those things are almost $3.00 each at Safeway…

Stuffed with ground lamb, spices and topped with feta…
I also…with help from my sweetie…made a huge batch of pesto (an entire mixing bowl full) from our basil harvest, roasted a chicken with some veggies (not that great of a turnout-annoying!), and today we cooked up a “toss-it-all-in-there” kind of “stew” in the crock pot. We are having that for dinner tomorrow, so I’ll let you know how that turned out and pass on details if it was any good. OH, and for breakfast this morning I made pumpkin pancakes. They *tasted* good, but for the me texture wasn’t that great. It was almost like they were filled with pumpkin custard, which for me = mushy. I don’t do mushy.
Plus, I did a bunch of laundry, dishes, house chores, some studying, some clothes shopping, grocery shopping and we watched a horrible movie (Trainspotting-terrible) and of course, watched SNF! Go Packers…the are 5-0 for the season. YAY! It was a good game and my sweetie watched most of it with me AND gave me a foot rub. Awesome. And, we did an inventory and organization of our freezers. Whew!
Chris spent a good portion of the weekend tweaking and messing with my car to get it all situated after the engine transplant. The “new” engine is in, and seems to be running well! We drove it all around for errands yesterday. It has new oil, belts, and a variety of other bits and pieces, too. Maybe  now it won’t be such a piece of $hit. He also had the chance to head out to the range and try out his .22 Savage. Thumbs up is the report. 

Since I was sleeping in (ya know, till 8 am in stead of 7 am) I missed out on this:

Chris said the whole house was glowing orange from the sun reflecting off the clouds….gorgeous!

Alrighty then, time to wrap up this weekend and head to bed. What did you do this weekend? Go anywhere fun? Cook anything tasty?

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