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Sunday Snippets

Happy OCTOBER!! Oh I LOVE October!

I love everything to do with Halloween, and the fall decorations! I love it!

I have been decorating today. And cooking. And decorating. I am actually not letting myself go hog wild with the decorations. I am just putting up a few things, but I just love being able to break out all my fall stuff!

I also made a delicious dinner of corn poblano chowder and a corn-radish salad with a delicious green dressing.


We also did some garden harvest work including basil, tomatillos, some more potatoes, the green tomatoes, some more green beans, parsley, flat leaf parsley, and thyme. We also planted a whole bunch of garlic.

Basil anyone?

Chris also worked on enclosing the shed a bit more to keep water off the boat this winter.

In progress….

I am watching the Ravens – Jets game and am loving it! History is being made tonight with 5 defensive touchdowns in a single game. Woohoo! Go Ravens!

Starting week 2 of 11 of Fall Term this week…my posts will likely be less prolific than during the summer, but I may be able to figure out my schedule a bit and at least be able to post every couple of days.

Have a great first week of October everyone!

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This entry was posted on October 3, 2011 by in cooking, football, garden, holiday fun.
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