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Caribbean Vacation ’12 Part II

Where did we leave off? Oh yes, we had visited Puerto Rico and Tortola, had formal night and gone to bed. The next morning we woke bright and early in … Continue reading

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2012 Goals Review

Happy New Years Eve! It is time to review the goals I set for 2012 and see how I did. First up: 1. Complete my Bachelor of Science in Human Communication … Continue reading

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Caribbean Vacation ’12 Part I

I’m baaack! It has been a great couple of weeks, and I will tell you all about it, but really, as far as our vacation goes this is all that … Continue reading

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(source) Good Morning Friends… I did not sleep well last night. I couldn’t get comfortable. I was too hot. My eyes were dry and itchy. My brain wouldn’t shut off. … Continue reading

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Travel Preparations

When we get ready to go on a trip there are many logistics that must be handled. When are we leaving? How are we getting there? Where are we staying? … Continue reading

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Some of my Holiday Favorite Things

Favorite Christmas Songs Favorite Christmas Movies (source) (source) (source) Favorite Christmas Foods Egg Nog…I like mine with a splash o scotch. (source) Iced sugar cookies…only at Christmas! (source) 7 Layer … Continue reading

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Healthy Living….Again

So, as is typical for me, I go through times of being really conscious of what I eat, and being active and really fulfilling my life mantra of living the … Continue reading

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Holiday Lighting Tradition

Every good outdoor lighting extravaganza needs to start like this: Chris and I decided to put up the outdoor lights yesterday (okay, I harassed Chris until he capitulated and agreed … Continue reading

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The Friday Five 12.6.12 and Crazy Dreams

Do you have crazy dreams? I go through periods where I have the craziest dreams. I dream a lot and I can often remember my dreams, but sometimes not until … Continue reading

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Ladies Night

It’s Thursday already! How is it that the weeks drag so slowly while I’m in school, but rush by when I’m not? I had a great day yesterday. I spent … Continue reading

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