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Caribbean Vacation ’12 Part I

I’m baaack!

It has been a great couple of weeks, and I will tell you all about it, but really, as far as our vacation goes this is all that you really need to know:

Ahh…bliss! This was on the beach in St. Marten. I am drinking a blended mojito and soaking up the sun. Ahmazing!

We’ll rewind a bit to the beginning. We left on Thursday the 13th of December and drove to Sacramento. It was an easy drive in the dark and because the sky was clear we saw tons of shooting stars due to the meteor shower that was going on. It was great.

We stayed in a dive of a Super 8 in Sacramento. It was fabulous. The walls were so thin we got to hear the couple in the next room enjoying themselves very early in the morning. Personally, I think she was faking, but whatever.

Early in the morning we headed off to the airport and started what ended up being a long day of flying. First stop Dallas Fort-Worth airport where we had a long layover that turned into a longer layover. It was okay though, because we stopped at the Reata Grill in Terminal D and enjoyed a bottle of wine, some amazing guacamole and a delicious lunch. Onward to Puerto Rico! We didn’t end up getting to our hotel in Puerto Rico until about 1:30 AM Puerto Rico time, which was about 2 hours behind schedule.

We stayed at The Best Western at the airport, literally inside the airport. It was SO quiet! We slept well and were ready for our first day of vacation. We grabbed a cab and dropped our luggage off at the ship and then grabbed another cab and made our way to Old San Juan, where we spent the day walking around the town.

Old San Juan is basically surrounded by this fort and fortified rock wall. It goes all the way around the town. It is very amazing to see and to think how long it has been there and in what kind of conditions it had to be built. No backhoes or cranes to move the rocks, just people and horses.

Within part of the fort is a cemetery. It was really beautiful. After walking all around town and stopping for a delicious lunch, plus a bit of shopping, we headed back to the ship to get checked in. Then we took a nap. This is a theme.

The view from our balcony as the sun sets in Puerto Rico.

The next morning we woke to find ourselves in beautiful Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

This was a new island for us. We decided to take a short taxi tour of the island that ended up delivering us to a lovely beach, where we spent the rest of the day relaxing.


After a day of relaxing we did a bit o shopping back in the town and went to Pusser’s for lunch.

Ah…jerk chicken with “rice and peas.” Such a simple meal but so delicious. After lunch we went back to the ship and took a nap.

That evening was the first formal night aboard the ship so we got dressed up and went to a lovely dinner. Unfortunately, we will still full from our late lunch of jerk chicken, but it was fun to get dressed up.

Somehow we didn’t really get any good pictures of us dressed up on the first night. The first couple days of vacation were great and fun!

The next installment of vacation coming soon!

3 comments on “Caribbean Vacation ’12 Part I

  1. Corrie Beebe
    December 30, 2012

    🙂 It was pretty annoying at the time, but funny now.

  2. Marcela
    December 29, 2012

    Such pretty pictures…ha ha I love the "she was probably faking part"

  3. Happy New Year 2013

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