Casa Beebe

Holiday Lighting Tradition

Every good outdoor lighting extravaganza needs to start like this:

Chris and I decided to put up the outdoor lights yesterday (okay, I harassed Chris until he capitulated and agreed to put up the lights so I would shut up). Overnight the weather has turned from mild fall weather to COLD winter weather. We needed a little schnapps to warm us up from the inside out before we headed out to tackle the lights.

What is it about Christmas lights anyway? They are so cheaply made, and they always get tangled (even though we wrap and tape them every year) and they just generally cause arguments!

This year…no exception.

He looks happy, right?

Ha! It’s not that bad, it’s just not his favorite. He said that Christmas lights are like Valentines Day…all about the girl and nothing in it for the guy.

After spending an hour putting up the lights, trimming a couple branches off the roof in the process, and changing out some light bulbs we discovered a small problem.

One of our fuses in the lights kept blowing!

This required another hour of replacing fuses, testing strings to see which was the problem, coating the connections with rail zip (a liquid used on electrical connections to provide better “flow”) and even using a wire brush on one plug that looked a little gunked up.

After all that, and about 7 different fuses, we are still having an issue. We have decided that later today we will need to pull down the string that is causing the problem and put up a different string.

Super fun, right?!?!

Our experience was sort of like this:

It’s a beaut Clark!!

Poor Chris. He is such a good sport. Maybe I will make him an extra yummy dinner for all his hard work.

The rest of the day was spent doing some Christmas shopping, running a couple off errands and puttering around the house.

Leftover homemade mushroom soup (recipe soon!) for dinner with some delicious rosemary bread.

We wrapped up the night by watching one of my favorite movies:

If you haven’t seen Moonstruck I highly recommend it; it is funny, heartwarming and has Cher, Nicholas Cage and Olympia Dukakis. It makes me want to be Italian!

Have a great Sunday friends!

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