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Saturday Snippets

Hello Friends!

I hope you all survived the holiday with your fingers and toes intact, along with your eyebrows! We had a quiet evening at home and did I tell you that our neighbors brought us over food??? OMG…amazing!

Our neighbors are of Pacific Island descent, and we have seriously only spoken to them once before. They live down on the corner of our culdesac, and out of the blue they brought us down this amazing plate of grilled chicken, beef, potato salad, fried rice and white rice. We are such pigs. We ate every last little bit! So delicious and SO nice!! I will be taking them some of the bounty from my garden a little later this summer when I am swimming in tomatoes from my 11 tomato plants! (I am crazy).

So, you know how Roxie has a boyfriend?

This is Asland. Asland is my neighbors cat. He likes to come hang out and play with Roxie and Roxie like to go over and play with Asland. Apparently Asland has become quite comfortable with us because this is a picture of him on my counter. Ahem. The  look on his face just kills me…he’s all: “what? like I don’t belong here. Psh.”

Well, in addition to Roxie’s boyfriend we have another addition to our menagerie of stray cats that like to hang out. I don’t think s/he is really a stray, but s/he like to come over and hang out, get pets and loves and just chill. At first s/he was really skittish, but apparently s/he has gotten over that now.

 Hanging out with me while I do homework on the back patio…

 Came in the house and made him/herself comfortable…

Hanging out with me on the beach/in the garden…(see Roxie hiding in the garlic??) Roxie is so jealous…

Oh, and this is pretty funny, too…

Listen to that purr and meow! So funny.

What else have we been up to? Well… let’s see…

We’ve been hanging out on the beach…

 Drinking some yummy (cheap!) wine…

 Stealing Borrowing roses from the neighbors… (smelled so good!)

 Taking pictures of frogs on the beach (under the sand!)…

Baking a peach-blueberry cobbler for the holiday…

Oh! And I bought myself some pretties for my birthday!!  LOVE THEM!!

Have a great Saturday night!

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