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Happy November!

November is a busy month. We are taking a quick weekend get away. I have four weeks left of school with a significant amount of work associated with that. There are approximately seventymillion of my friends and family members with birthdays this month AND there is that little Thursday holiday to think about, too. So, yeah. Busy. 
Did you survive Halloween? We had a grand total of two sets of trick-or-treaters. I live in a neighborhood, but I guess the kids went elsewhere or there just aren’t that many. The pouring rain and howling wind stopped long enough for the kids to get out without getting soaked or blown away, so that was nice. 
My friend posted on Facebook that adults should dress up like a ghosts and carry a big wine glass door-to-door and say Happy Halloo-wiiiine! I thought this was an excellent idea for all those poor parent chaperone’s. I immediately posted on my FB wall that any adult who showed up wineglass in hand would get a wine pour immediately!
Unfortunately, no one took me up on my offer so I just drank the wine myself. So sad. 
How did you do with the candy? 
We bought two bags of candy a week or so ago. Chris ate most of them. We had Butterfingers and Snickers. I sent him to the store last night to buy something else for the KIDS and he brought back York Peppermint Patties! Love them. 
I did a far superior job than in years past of avoiding the call of the candy. I ate one Butterfinger, one Snickers and three peppermint patties. I am not eating any more of them though. 
It is all about the balance. 
The sun is shining today and the sky is clear, so I’m happy about that. 
And, just because they are cute here are a couple of kitty pictures for your viewing pleasure. Have a great November 1st!
Daisy curled up inside my backpack. 

Daisy AND Roscoe “helping” me with my homework. 

Quit taking our picture…we are sleeping here!

Well lookie there….Roxie & Daisy eating off the same plate…and everyone is still alive!

My sweet Roxie girl hanging out with us. 

2 comments on “Happy November!

  1. Corrie Beebe
    November 2, 2012

    I'm not ready either, but here it is! I just am so looking forward to being done with school. That is my biggest focus.

  2. Shorey
    November 2, 2012

    Cute kitty pictures. I'm not ready for November but it came anyways. lol. Hope you keep your sanity with everything.

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