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What I’m Loving Wednesday 10-10-12

What I’m Loving Wednesday 10-10-12

1. Google Drive. Google Drive used to be Google Docs and it is a way to share documents, photos, presentations, and files with other users by uploading or creating the file in Google Docs (now Drive) and then sharing it to anyone else using their email address. Each person the document was shared with has full access to add to, delete from or otherwise edit the document. Everyone it is shared with can access it simultaneously! There is also a chat feature so if I am at home and my project partner is at her home we both can work on a presentation at the SAME time and we can IM about it as well in the same screen. Also, we can see with color coding who is working on which slide. Drive also keeps track of who and when the last adjustments were made. AND it saves your work automatically, so if you accidentally close your browser…no problem! All of your changes are saved. I LOVE Google Drive!
2. Something else I love as much if not more than Google Drive is Dropbox
Where Google Drive is great for sharing and working on presentations or documents simultaneously and being able to see those edits happening in real time, Dropbox is the way to have access to ALL of your files and photos and documents from any web enabled device, including your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device AND any other web-accessible device. I can’t tell you how great this has been for me as a student (having instant access to files I worked on at home without having to upload them to a specific drive on the school network) from any device I happen to be using. It is FABULOUS! It has so many great features like: automatic upload of photo’s I take from my phone, instant recognition of ANY changes made to any document or presentation or file that is uploaded and those changes are immediately done. Dropbox is an awesome way to do a quick and easy back up of important files on your main computer, too. It is SO easy to use! It has also made blogging easier because instead of having to look for photos in multiple different places (my phone, the web, the blog, the pic file) they are all in Dropbox as soon as I take them!  LOVE!
3. The beautiful, sunny, amazing Fall weather we are having! 

Roxie and I spent some time outside this afternoon laying in the sun and snuggling. It was awesome! We are still having temps in the upper 70’s and low 80’s during the day. Our nights are chilly, but yesterday I wore a tank-style dress with no jacket or sweater and was perfectly comfortable. In October! Ah…bliss! I am soaking up every lit bit!
4. My kittens….

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