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January 31, 2012

Hello Again! It feels like forever since I posted. The big news is that I survived my two weekend class and can now return to a regularly scheduled schedule. I … Continue reading

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Where have you been?

Or rather, where have I been? Honestly, all, I don’t even know what day it is…I have had to keep reminding myself all day that today is Thursday, not Friday. … Continue reading

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Have I Mentioned Prep Work?

Okay, so I realized yesterday that starting THIS Saturday I will have school for 13 days straight. 9 of those days I will have to be at school by 8 … Continue reading

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Why Southern Oregon Is Awesome

Do you want to know why living in Southern Oregon is AWESOME (most of the time)?? Here are some examples: These pictures were taken January 10th, 2012 around 3:30 in … Continue reading

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The Friday (saturday) Five # 6

I know it’s Saturday (night!), but I am going to do a Friday Five post anyway. As you can see by how quiet it has been around here this week, … Continue reading

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First Day of School Recap

Well, I survived day one back to school…whew! The highlights (because I have a very lonely baby kitty waiting for playtime): Early morning class: Media Across Cultures, we watched a … Continue reading

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Sunday Snippets

Happy Sunday! I am a horrible football fan…I have not watched any of the games in the last few weeks and now I see that the Broncos win over the … Continue reading

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