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Happy Sunday!

I am a horrible football fan…I have not watched any of the games in the last few weeks and now I see that the Broncos win over the STEELERS (!?!?) and the Falcons were absolutely shut OUT by the Giants. Those must have been some interesting games.

So it looks like the game to watch next week is DEFINITELY Packers/Giants. GO PACK! Seriously, if Green Bay doesn’t make it to the Super Bowl I will be so disappointed. They better make it because I am already planning my Super Bowl snack menu.

Want to see the cutest thing in the world? Of course you do.



Okay so I thought I’d do a little goal follow up being that it is Sunday.

So far this month I have exercised 7 of the 8 days for at least 25 minutes. So for goal # 4. Exercise at least 20 minutes 183 days of the year…I am doing very well!

Goal #5 is for 3960 exercise minutes and so far I have 333. Only 3627 more to go!

Goal #3 is to train for and complete the Helvetia Half Marathon on June 9th. I have been feet to pavement 3 days since the first of the year totalling ~187 minutes and ~11 miles. That is a good place to start.

Goal #1 progress starts tomorrow as I head back to school for Winter Term. Ugh…it is going to be a looooooong day.

Goal #2 is to lose lbs. I have been eating pretty well this week, along with exercising daily, so that goal is tracking pretty well, too.

My weekly goals starting Wednesday the 4th through Wednesday the 11th are the following:

1: no bread products *****

2: include fruit or veggie with every meal *****

3: plan for healthy and calorie appropriate snacks *****

4: log food & exercise daily *****

5: Exercise at least 5 times for at least 20 minutes *****

The asterisks mean that I have completed that goal for the day. Right on target!!

Tomorrow is a rest day, and thank goodness because my muscles are SORE.

Here is where I walked today with Chris.

It was sunny, but it was COLD! And yes, I have more than one sweatshirt, but this one is the warmest and has the best pocket for all my stuff.

We covered 2.79 miles in 47 minutes. It wasn’t a fast walk, but it is better than sitting at home on the couch. We left that up to Roxie.

When we got home we decided it was time to harvest our lemons. This is our second year with the lemon tree/bush.

 We got a total harvest of 12 lemons, one of which we already used and one we gave to my brother.

The remaining 10 we decided to make booze with.


Don’t look at me like that! We wanted to try and make some limoncello, which is an Italian after dinner liqueur.

It is a somewhat tedious process, being that all you use of the lemons is the rind, being very careful to remove as much of the white pith as possible. The rinds go into a seal able jar and get covered with Everclear. The lemon rind flavors the alcohol and then in a couple weeks a simple syrup is added and that sets together to blend. I’ll let you know how it turns out in a few weeks!

The rest of the lemons went through the juicer and we now have fresh lemon juice frozen into cubes in the freezer.

We had a smidge leftover so we mixed the juice with a bit of vodka, triple-sec, ice and sugar. SO fresh and tasty. Chris and I shared it, which really means I had a few sips. 🙂

Dinner was an eggplant and pasta dish with a big ole salad on the side. I’d show you but my pictures suck and make it look yucky. It wasn’t.

I have lunches and coffee all prepped for tomorrow, need to get my backpack put together, get showered and get to bed! I have to be up around 6 in the morning tomorrow and out the door by 7:45. Ugh. Have I ever mentioned that I am not a morning person? No? Well…*I* Am NOT A Morning Person. sigh. Oh well. I’ve done it before and I’m sure I’ll be doing it again.

What did you do today? How are you holding up on your goals?? It’s week two!!

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