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It is 5:01pm on the west coast, which I think officially means two things: One I can start the post by saying “Good Evening!” and two, I can have a glass of wine or something. YAY!

Good Evening!

My day started out with breakfast. My pictures suck, as usual, but I’ll show you anyway. I need to hire a professional photographer to live at my house and take pictures at will.

I made an egg breakfast thing. It was pretty tasty and very quick to put together thanks to all the prep work I did earlier in the week.

I had pre-chopped onions, red and yellow peppers, and had bought sliced mushrooms. I sauteed those in a little butter until they were nice and soft. (After eating it I would have added the eggs sooner and let all the cooking finish together, the onions got a bit more carmelized than I would have liked). Then I beat some eggs together and poured those over the top of the veggie mixture. I let that cook without touching it (I swirled the eggs around in the pan when I first dumped it all in there to cover the veggies) for a few minutes until the edges looked like they were just starting to set. I then took the whole pan and stuck it in a 350F oven for another few minutes until the top set up. I sprinkled a tiny bit of cheese on the top and let that melt.
It definitely needed more salt than what I added during cooking, but we topped it with chopped tomatoes, avocado and some homemade tomatillo salsa and called it breakfast! We also shared a delicious ruby red grapefruit. It is citrus season so NOW is the time to buy oranges and grapefruits with the best and sweetest flavor.
We went to Lowes after breakfast and picked up some supplies.

When lunch time rolled around I decided to try out a gift my grandma gave me for Christmas. It is called a TopChips chip maker. 

It is pretty cool! There are three silicone trays.

You slice up a potato (or other vegetable) thinly using the provided baby mandolin.
Put them on the trays (after patting them dry with a paper towel) and stick them in the microwave for a few minutes. The instructions say 3 minutes, but they must have used a higher powered microwave than mine, because it took probably 6 minutes or so (30 second increments) for the potato slices to crisp up like chips!
I seasoned them with a bit of vinegar and salt. YUM! Quick, homemade, no oil/deepfried potato chips! Thanks Gram!

Chris spent the rest of the afternoon working on a little project for the kitty, while I puttered around in the house doing this and that.

She loves it, but I didn’t have my camera handy so I missed the opportunity to catch her climbing up the entire thing and loving it! She is such a good girl.
I am doing great on my goals this week. I have exercised 6 of the 7 days of the month. I have avoided bread products. I have eaten fruits or veggies with every meal. I have had appropriate snacks. I have logged my food and exercise. Woohoo! Today was a hard day for me to get my exercise in. The weather was blah and it made me feel blah, but I did some yoga this afternoon. Good enough for today.
Have a great Saturday evening everyone!

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