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First Day of School Recap

Well, I survived day one back to school…whew!

The highlights (because I have a very lonely baby kitty waiting for playtime):

Early morning class: Media Across Cultures, we watched a movie called Shadows of Hate and saw video of actual dead bodies hanging from trees with people celebrating underneath. Not cool. Good thing I didn’t eat too much breakfast this morning.

Mid-morning class: During attendance the name of one of my cousins was called out. I turned around “Hey! You’re my cousin!” I knew he attended school there, but we aren’t close (obvi) and I wasn’t really a part of that side of the family growing up, AND since I’m 35 and he is in college at the age where you are supposed to go to college..well you can see how we might not have recognized each other visually. Funny! Small world. Class lasted about a half hour and Wednesday’s class is only a half hour. This annoys me. Class is Small Group Communication.

This left with me 2.5 hours to kill with no laptop.


I hunkered down in the Student Union, ate my lunch and perused the web on my phone.

Afternoon class is a Conflict Resolution class that I am taking as a practicum requirement as the Teaching Assistant. <— yes I capitalized that. ūüėČ Should be interesting! I took the same class as a student last term.

Now I am home, was starving so quickly ate a piece of cheese, a granola bar thing and some leftovers from dinner last night. Now I need to go play with my kitty before she decides that the drapes are a better choice!

Oh, today is my rest day…I exercised 6 days in a row so I totally earned it!

More tomorrow!

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