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Garden Update July 2012

Well, I thought if I was going to talk about the garden, and give some tips and ideas, one thing I needed to do was give a general update on … Continue reading

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Our Mornin’ Cuppa

Sunday started early!We really wanted to take the boat out this weekend, but the Friday night unexpected trip to the beach combined with all of our summer and household chores … Continue reading

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My Feet Are Beat!

I’ll spare you a picture of my dirty feet… 🙂 That is one way I always KNOW it is feet get filthy! I hate wearing shoes in the summer. … Continue reading

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Target Groceries

Hello! I am still alive. The last time I posted was July 7th! I have no idea how that much time goes by between posts. I feel like I post … Continue reading

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Saturday Snippets

Hello Friends! I hope you all survived the holiday with your fingers and toes intact, along with your eyebrows! We had a quiet evening at home and did I tell … Continue reading

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Happy Independence Day!

I am a huge history buff, so one would think that Independence Day would be a favorite holiday. Uhm… Not so much. I actually would rank this holiday as one … Continue reading

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Non-GMO Labeling Evangelist Team

Hey all! I hope your Monday was bearable. I had a good day with a good amount of homework accomplished. That is my main priority in life these days! I … Continue reading

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~Mary Anne Radmacher What are you afraid of? Success? Failure? Mediocrity? Fabulousness? This is one of my favorite quotes, and I think of it often when I am feeling stuck … Continue reading

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Happy July First!

Gosh, it’s hard to believe that the first half of 2012 is OVER! It’s DONE. Wow. How are things going on your goals? I had a bunch of goals for … Continue reading

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Growing Season

Despite the fact that our weather has been pretty much the exact opposite of the rest of the country this week (raining and stormy!) our garden is trucking right along! … Continue reading

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