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Our Mornin’ Cuppa

Sunday started early!We really wanted to take the boat out this weekend, but the Friday night unexpected trip to the beach combined with all of our summer and household chores meant time was at a premium. I had homework to do, there was garden responsibilities to take care of, and other regular weekend stuff.

I told Chris we should go out early Sunday morning and have our morning coffee on the lake. We could then hang out for a couple hours and be back by lunchtime with plenty of time left in the day to take care of business.

So we did!

It was gorgeous.



An amazing way to start our Sunday and get out on the lake for a few hours.

We went to Emigrant Lake in Ashland, which means we can be on the water in 30 minutes. We left at 8 and were home by just after noon.

I spent most of the afternoon on homework and house pickup, while Chris made some beef jerkey, grilled a whole chicken, did laundry and puttered around with his own stuff.

Beef jerky, poblano peppers fresh from the garden and roated whole chicken.

And that, my friends, was Sunday!

My friend Christy has expressed an interest in hearing more about the garden, how we got started, stuff we have changed and learned over the last three years, etc. I have started reposting early garden themed links on my Blurb  Column Facebook and Twitter pages. You can check them out there as I post them, often with a tidbit or comment about the content,  or use the “labels”feature on the right side of the screen and click on “garden.” This will take you to all of the posts (most recent first) that I have tagged with the garden label.

More to come soon on that front!

Have a great Monday!

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