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My Feet Are Beat!

I’ll spare you a picture of my dirty feet… 🙂 That is one way I always KNOW it is feet get filthy! I hate wearing shoes in the summer. My feet get sweaty and hot. So I spend the majority of my time bare foot.

This is great, except on days like today where I was on my feet A LOT.

Rewind to yesterday: Chris got a trouble call for a broken elevator at the beach. I had time in my schedule so we made a trip of it and I went with him. We stayed on the beach in Brookings. Here is the view from our room:

Brookings is the very southern part of the Oregon coast. It is often called the banana belt of the southern coast because all around it can be socked in and cold, but it is often beautiful in Brookings. Last night was no exception. A bit breezy, as is typical for the Oregon coast, but absolutely gorgeous!

I hung out in our room on the balcony while Chris fixed the elevator. I decided to have a little wine while I waited.

I love these little single serve wines! I take them camping, to the beach, and they are great for when I just want a little wine and I don’t want to open a whole bottle at home. Plus, they are great for taking another type of beverage along somewhere. When we went camping I used a couple of the empties I had saved to bring along some Bacardi, rather than bringing my whole big bottle.

It was a bit breezy on the beach for me, so for dinner we decided to head to the Wild and Scenic Chetco River.

It was really gorgeous.

I had pre-prepped (at home) some burgers and brought some garden fresh potatoes with us, so we grilled that up on our little hibachi, had a bit more wine and relaxed at the rivers edge. We hung out until the sun started to dip behind the hills.

We came home this morning and got busy on getting lots of stuff done around here. The typical chores, picking up the house, loading and unloading the dishwasher…blah blah. We went and ran some errands, too. I got a few new pairs of flats on sale at Payless shoes.

Back at home there was more chores and whatnot, including meal planning, grocery list making and garden maintenance. We decided we had enough cucumbers to make another batch of pickles, so that became our project for th evening.

We made pickles last weekend, too, but someone (me) failed to properly read the directions for one the bread n butter pickles so they had about twice as much salt as necessary. Yeah. Gross.

We made 12 pints tonight and have our fingers crossed that we didn’t mess anything up!

Do you prefer sweet or dill pickles? I like both. I just love pickles!

While the pickles were in process, we made dinner, which was amazing. Pasta and some sauteed fresh garden veggies (green beans, tomatoes, red onion, red pepper, zucchini, and seasonings) topped with a bit of olive oil and feta. Amazingly good.

Anyway, all that time on my feet and they are beat! I am ready to sit and relax for the night. We have another busy day planned for tomorrow and it starts early!

I will be back to recap our camping trip a couple weekends ago and a handful of other stuff that has been happening. Mostly school!

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