Casa Beebe

Growing Season

Despite the fact that our weather has been pretty much the exact opposite of the rest of the country this week (raining and stormy!) our garden is trucking right along! I thought I would take a minute and post some pictures showing some of the amazing stuff happnening out there.

Let’s start with the ridiculousness that is was out spinach. Recall that we planted this late last summer in the hopes of a fall crop. That never happened, but early this spring it took off and started to grow…and grow…and grow! I got BAGS and BAGS of spinach off of these plants. I was giving away bagfulls to anyone who would take them!

Yah..ridiculous!! And that is not ALL the lettuce…that is just the spinach!!

Bok Choy

Yesterday I picked this mess of greens:

We have also had some success with the variety of peas we planted this year. Last year our peas did nothing. This year I have had to give them away because I don’t want them to go bad. (This is part of the dilemma of only having two people and a large garden!)

Now, lets go outside and see what is growing but not ready to eat yet…

Anaheim Chile Pepper

Japanese Eggplant

Sweet Corn

Green Beans


Future Pickles

Monster Cauliflower

Monster Sunflower

Tomato Garden (13 different plants)


happy ‘mater

We also have picked the first of the blueberries:

No, there isn’t that many yet, but they still are delicious!

Other things out there include potatoes, tomatillos, onions, garlic, carrots, radishes, sage, basil, dill, chives, rosemary, cilantro, watermelon, canteloupe, strawberries, acorn squash, butternut squash, spaghetti squash, soy beans, raspberries, lemons, plums, cabbage, broccoli, zucchini, and a wide variety of peppers. Whew!

So that is what is happening in le gardin de Beebe.

Do you have a garden this year? How’s it growing?

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