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Meal Plan 1.27.13

Okay, so I know this is late. I haven’t made the time to come and post for the last couple of days, but I want to keep doing this, both … Continue reading

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Plate Share

Happy Sunday Friends! You all know (or probably do, if you have been reading for a while) that I have a passion for food, and for supporting organizations that help … Continue reading

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Kitchen Tour

Recently my friend Christy (who lives in another state and has never been to my house) asked me to post more pictures of my kitchen. This was in response to … Continue reading

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One of Those Days

Yesterday was one of “those” days. There was no real reason for it, but I just woke up and immediately felt…not my best.  My neck is still causing my grief … Continue reading

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Weekly Meal & Workout Plan 1.20.13

Eggplant and Pasta Delight with Green Salad First let’s recap how we did last week on the food and exercise front and then I’ll share the meal plan for this … Continue reading

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I read a sad story today and it has been on my mind ever since. I am prompted to write this because of that story. A 17 year old girl … Continue reading

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I have written about portion sized before, HERE. And I include a nice graphic that shows that a cup is about the size of a baseball and that half a … Continue reading

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The Friday Five 1.18.13

1. What I’m Reading “A deeply personal literary memoir that explores what it means to live an authentic life in an increasingly detached and self-conscious world.Incited by the feeling that … Continue reading

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Quirks 1.16.13

Quirks. Idiosyncrasies. Whatever you call them, we all have our little “things” that are part of what make us who we are, and sometimes part of what makes our friends … Continue reading

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Weekly Meal & Workout Plan 1.13.13

Hello Friends! Happy Post-Season Weekend! There have been some amazing football games this weekend, some amazing upsets (in my mind) and just all around good times. The Texans and Patriots … Continue reading

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