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Quirks 1.16.13



Whatever you call them, we all have our little “things” that are part of what make us who we are, and sometimes part of what makes our friends and family laugh at us or drive them crazy.

Here are three things you probably don’t know about me that are my own little quirks.

1. I *HATE* Getting My Face Wet


There is NO WAY I would be smiling if I was this chick. I take 99.9% of my shower with my back to the shower head. When I do have to rinse my face after I wash it, I have to close my eyes, take a deep breath and then breathe out the entire time I’m rinsing. 

I don’t like splashing in the pool. And when we are at the lake and I want to get in the water from the boat I put my life jacket on, sit on the swim step and ease myself into the water so my face never gets wet. You will *never* see me just jump into a pool or lake. 
When I was a child taking a bath and my mom would wash my hair I would have to have a washcloth and my hands pressed super tight over my face at my hairline to keep the water from trickling down into my face. 
When I am at the pool swimming, I wear a swim cap and goggles, but almost never put my face in the water. I’m sure it is less efficient, but I just can’t hardly do it! This is why I do not scuba or snorkel. 
2. I Can’t Go To Bed With Messy Sheets

Okay, I don’t make my bed, pretty much ever. I mean, I don’t pull the blankets up and tuck the sheets in and do all that. I really don’t see the point. Plus, “they” say that keeping your bed unmade is healthier because it allows the air to dry out the sheets and stuff from when you sweat all night. Gross. 

Anyway, I will “straighten” the bed, but here’s the thing. First of all: I can’t stand to have my sheets tucked in. I feel trapped in the bed and I have to be able to get my feet out. If I go sleep at a hotel or something the first thing I do when I crawl in bed is untuck all the sheets and blankets and kick my legs out. 
Secondly: making the bed (tucking everything in) is a pain in the ass! Especially with a king size mattress. That shit is heavy! 
HOWEVER, I cannot go to sleep if the sheets and blankets are all crooked and messed up. I have to have them all straight and on the bed evenly. They can’t be bunched up or twisted or not covering the whole bed. I have gotten up after going to bed and pulled ALL the blankets and sheets off to re-straighten everything. Chris, of course, thinks I am crazy when I do this. 
3. I Cannot Stand My Hands Being Dirty

I am not obsessive about GERMS on my hands, but I cannot stand my hands being dirty…like with actual dirt or, as in the picture above, covered with flour and dough, or if I make meatloaf, covered in ground meat goo. 

When I cook I wash or rinse my hands a gajillion times. This is the only time I am a compulsive hand washer. 
The same is true when I am doing stuff outside. I have to wear gloves to do almost anything in the garden because it grosses me out to have dirt and grime on my hands, especially under my fingernails. 
When we were moving our hot tub the other day I had to grab on to the bottom side of it…instantly I knew my hand was dirty and I was so annoyed! It was just a tiny smear of dirt but EWWW!
When I wash the wheels on my car I have to wear nitrile gloves because I can’t stand the brake dust/dirt getting under my fingernails and around my cuticles. I literally have not washed my car for long periods of time (in the past-before I figured out the gloves solution) simply because I was avoiding getting my hands dirty. 
It is okay. I’m good with it. 
Do you have any quirks to share?

One comment on “Quirks 1.16.13

  1. Mar
    January 19, 2013

    My one quirk is the opposite of yours–I can't stand NOT having the sheets tucked in. Then they wrap around and in between my feet and legs and it drives me nuts! Lol. DH is the opposite so making the bed is always interesting. 🙂

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