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Weekly Meal & Workout Plan 1.20.13

Eggplant and Pasta Delight with Green Salad

First let’s recap how we did last week on the food and exercise front and then I’ll share the meal plan for this week! 
Sunday: Actually, I don’t know. Chris wanted to grill something and bought a variety of stuff at the store, so I’m not sure what he is making. – Uhm, nope. Chris ended up being really tired after his middle of the night work call, so I made dinner and it was nothing healthy. I made a chili-mac mix. Yes. It was easy, from a box and can, though I did spice it up with some extras like red beans and feta. It was very tasty, just not super healthy. 
Meatless Monday: Vegetarian Jumbalaya with sauteed mixed greens (Trader Joe’s!) – A total winner! But I forgot I was serving the greens and made a salad instead. Still good!
School Night Tuesday: Chris’ choice – He ended up making an amazingly good seafood soup. Thank you! 
Wine Wednesday: Eggplant and pasta with salad and wine – check! 
Thursday: Thai red curry shrimp with rice and sauteed snap peas – I switched out this meal for Saturday’s and we had Korean Noodle Salad instead. Totally delish!
Friday: Homemade flatbread pizza (mozzarella, spinach, mushrooms, pesto) – Hmm..nope! I had friends over and we had hawaiian food takeout (teriyaki chicken, kahlua pork, yakisoba noodle, rice, macaroni salad)
Saturday: Korean noodle chicken salad – Chris decided to smoke a brisket, so we had that instead, with salad. 
Sunday: Slow cooker curried beef short ribs with greens and rice – this is getting ready to go in the slow cooker when I am done with this post! 
Well you can see we didn’t follow along 100%, but that is totally okay. Having the meals planned is a huge help to me, and having the food in the house to make all these meals is a huge help in avoiding pizza takeout or fast food. Last Sunday’s dinner wasn’t the best, but sometimes ya just gotta roll with it. 
How did I do with my workouts? Honestly, only ok. You may know that I have an “issue” with my neck/shoulder muscles. Well, Monday I woke up with a headache. I went to the gym anyway and did a short run and some yoga. By the time I was done with the Yoga I had a screaming headache. I got home, took some advil, ate, rested and went to the chiropractor. She gave me orders for NO running/jumping/weights for at least a few days. Yoga and swimming were ok. 
Workouts for the week:
Monday: Run/Yoga Brick – Check!
Tuesday: Swim – Check! ~30 minutes/750 yards.
Wednesday: Yoga or X-train – no. I was still in pain so had a massage and another chiro adjustment.
Thursday: Run – no…rest for my neck.
Friday: Swim – I did a 20 minute Firm Express cardio/sculpt workout at home. I tried to take it easy, used light weights, did lots of stretching both during and after the workout. 
Saturday: X-train – OH…hell no. My neck was so pissed off from that workout yesterday! It was obviously too soon. I couldn’t hardly turn my head. I spent most of the day laying down, went in the hot tub twice, took advil, Chris gave me a massage, I massaged it myself…ugh! 
Sunday: Run – hahahaha…a run is not happening today. If it warms up at all I might go for a walk, but otherwise I will be doing some yoga in the living room to try and continue stretching out my neck. 

Okay, so a minor setback with my neck. I am trying to take care of it, will go back and get another massage this week, and likely will keep all of my activity this week loooooow impact. 
Here’s the plan for this week then: 
Meals (tentative nights)
Sunday: We are having Slow cooker curried beef short ribs with greens and rice for sure!
Meatless Monday: Eggplant and pasta delight (I only used half the eggplant I bought, so I don’t want it to go to waste)
Tuesday: Chris’ choice, he said it is Taco Tuesday! 
Wine Wednesday: Smoked pork chops and cauliflower “faux”-tato mash, and wine!
Thursday: Thai curry shrimp with rice and sauteed snow peas
Friday/Saturday/Sunday meals are a little up in the air. My bestie is coming to visit and we have some tentative plans for the weekend so I’m not sure how meals are going to stack up. If our plans work out Chris will make dinner one night and it will probably be steak and potatoes. I plan to make a beef tagine with butternut squash one night. But all of that is kind of up in the air at this point. So for the weekend we have a “tentative” plan, but will also be open to winging it and going with the flow. 
Workouts for the week:
Sunday: Yoga
Monday: Yoga
Tuesday: Swim
Wednesday: Yoga or Walk
Thursday: Swim
Friday: Yoga or Walk
Saturday: Walk
Sunday: Walk
The name of the game is to stay active, but keep it low impact to prevent more difficulties with my neck. 
Alrighty! Have you meal planned for your week? I keep saying it, but it is a key to a healthy lifestyle for me. No, every week and meal isn’t perfect or follow the plan exactly, but I know that my eating would be worse if there was no plan. 
What’s on your menu for the week?? 

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