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The Friday Five 1.18.13

1. What I’m Reading
“A deeply personal literary memoir that explores what it means to live an authentic life in an increasingly detached and self-conscious world.

Incited by the feeling that the essence of the modern world is buried beneath the distractions of hype and melodrama, cultural critic Richard Todd began a personal search for authenticity, that elusive quality we often seek but seldom find. In The Thing Itself, Todd attempts to discover for himself a new way of thinking by asking the simple question: What is true in ourselves and the world around us?

With an exquisite eye for detail and an inquisitive spirit, Todd launches into an involving and elegantly crafted investigation of what makes an authentically lived life. As he focuses on an array of exchanges with people, objects, places, and ideas?from the banal to the emotionally poignant?Todd shows us that there?s a great distance between what we can touch, feel, and see, and what interactions mean in our lives. Mining a rich and multifaceted store of modern philosophy and personal experiences, he inches closer to seeing himself and the world through a clearer set of eyes.

Engaging and readable, The Thing Itself offers unexpected insights into the very human search for meaning in our lives.” ~ Via Amazon

It sounds really good, right? 

Oh no. No. No. No. 

Pretentious. Boring. Lacking in any sort of thematic cohesion. I have read over half and I am just done. Blech. 

2. What I’m Watching

I knew nothing about this film when I decided to watch it except that it had Helen Mirren in it and I love her. This film is a fictional account of the days following the death of Princess Diana and how the House of Windsor, specifically Queen Elizabeth, reacts and has to “modernize” her behavior to suit the mood of the people. It is a poignant film, brilliantly sprinkled with actual news footage of the time. There is footage of the thousands of flowers in front of Buckingham Palace and real interviews, even real news imagery from the funeral. I really enjoyed this film for its own sake, but also for the reminder of who Diana was. 
Also, I finally saw The Bourne Legacy. I liked about 98% of it. The last 20 minutes or so of the ridiculous and annoying chase scene was too dumb for me. I also think there could have been a bit more depth to some of the story, but I do think they did a good job of tying this film in with the other Bourne movies. Chris thinks it was dumb and wants to know where Matt Damon was. 
3. What I’m Listening To
Uhm…still nothing interesting. I haven’t yet figured out Spotify. I have been listening to my Lady Gaga Pandora station while working out on the treadmill. 
4. What I’m Eating
As you know, I’ve been meal planning, and doing a really good job of following the plan! This is a big plate of salad with a small portion of eggplant pasta (so good, so easy!)
This one is Korean Noodle Salad, again SO easy, SO good! Basically: chop up a carrot, green onion and some mushrooms, put them in a big salad bowl. Add bean sprouts to bowl. Boil some thin pasta (I used Spelt Angel Hair) and dice and cook some chicken. Drain the pasta and add it and the chicken to the veggies. Take minced garlic, 2-3 teaspoons each (or more depending on how much you make) of soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and sesame oil and mix in a small bowl or measuring cup. Pour over chicken mixture and toss everything together. Serve!! Of course, you can mix the veggies up to whatever you have or like, but this is a pretty tasty and very quick to put together dinner. 
5. What I’m Looking Forward To:
My bestie is coming to visit next weekend!! YAY! Look out S. Oregon! Haha!
That’s my five for this week! I need to go work out, get ready run a bunch of errands and then enjoy the rest of the day with some lovely ladies watching some more of the Harry Potter movies. I have never read the books or seen the movies. We made it through the first three the last time, so I assume we will get through another two or three this time…which still leaves more to go! Crazy!
What is your five this week? 

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