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Kitchen Tour

Recently my friend Christy (who lives in another state and has never been to my house) asked me to post more pictures of my kitchen. This was in response to some other online videos where bloggers give you a “behind the scenes” peek into their kitchen or fridge to see what it is really like. Christy also asked if I would post pictures of what it is like when I’m cooking.

Well, I’m happy to oblige! I have taken a number of pictures over various days and times. Some of the pictures aren’t the best (as usual) but you will get the idea. Let’s start with a basic, clean photo and go from there, shall we?

And remember, you can always click individual photos and they will open in a larger window for better viewing.

Okay, so there’s the layout, and a mostly clean kitchen. Here is a closer view of my “work area.”

Sink and dishwasher on the right, counter space, and then stove/oven to the left, with the fridge just to the left of that. It isn’t THE most flow-functional but I have had way worse. I once had a kitchen where the fridge was in another room entirely.

Now, let’s move on to what it looks like when I’m prepping dinner and no one did the dishes before hand, which in my opinion is not cool. I like to start with a nice clean kitchen and mess it up, but we are being real here and sometimes that just doesn’t happen. Sometimes the kitchen is a mess and dinner still needs to be made.

I do want to note that I make sure the area I am working in is clean before I start. I am not chopping veggies on a dirty counter. Yes, there are dirty dishes next to where I’m chopping in these photo’s but the area I’m actually working in is clean.


As you can see in the picture above, dinner is almost done and while the last of it has been cooking (when it hasn’t needed my hands on attention) I have already begun to clean up the rest of the kitchen and my dinner mess. 

Damn cats….she was just sitting there nicely on the chair watching riiiiight up until I went to take this picture.

Here is meal prep on a different night. The kitchen was cleaner before I started this time.

And after:

A big ole sink o dirty dishes. Super!!

So that is what it looks like when I’m working. To finish off the tour, I thought I’d share with you what the inside of some of my cupboards look like.

There you have it! A behind the scenes tour of my clean and messy and mostly clean again kitchen, plus what’s lurking behind the cupboard doors.

Are you a messy cook or a clean cook? I am a little of both. I make a huge mess and always am using the wrong size bowl or pot (just like my Grandma!) but I also do a pretty good job (normally) of making sure the kitchen is clean before I cook, and cleaning up as I go. It just depends on the meal, how familiar I am with it, and how much hands on time it needs.

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