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Primary Passions

I just saw a tweet that said “Blog your passions, not what you think people want you to be passionate about” by @sarahkayhoffman. I don’t know Sarah, and her tweet … Continue reading

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Sweaty Saturday

I know the rest of the country has been suffering a heat wave and drought, but our summer has been relatively mild. We got a bit of a late start … Continue reading

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The Friday Five 8/10/12

1. What I’m Reading: For one of my classes I was obligated to purchase a subscription to The Wall Street Journal. I am opposed to this for several reasons, the … Continue reading

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Boats, Cats, Pickles & Pesto

A couple weekends ago Chris and I had a busy weekend planned, but wanted to get out on the boat, so, as I wrote about, we took our morning coffee … Continue reading

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What To DO With It All?

We have been talking this week, primarily, about garden stuff, what we planted, how we water, the square foot gardening method and things we have learned along the way. It … Continue reading

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My Review of Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew

In one of my early blog posts, I talked about the process we were using called Square Foot Gardening as created by Mel Bartholomew. Mel is a smart guy, but … Continue reading

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Sweet Tooth

I have a crazy sweet tooth. It really sucks. It sucks because I can gain weight like no body’s business…and sugar just packs it on. But I love cookies and … Continue reading

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July…gone in a flash!

Ohmygoodness people! It is August FIRST! What happened to July? I promised a recap of what we had been up to and never got around to it, so now I’m … Continue reading

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How I Water My Garden

How you water your garden is pretty important. Plants need water to grow and thrive, some moreso than others. The amount of water needed to keep your plants healthy and … Continue reading

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