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July…gone in a flash!

Ohmygoodness people! It is August FIRST! What happened to July?

I promised a recap of what we had been up to and never got around to it, so now I’m just going to hit the highlights of July in general.

I already talked about the fourth of July and how I’m not really into it. Chris and I stayed home and went to bed early (we are party animals!).

The next week was pretty busy as we had a houseguest for the first half of the week, and we were getting ready to be out of town the following weekend, on top of school, internships, work…never a dull moment around here!

The big adventure for July was our annual boating and camping trip with our friends. This year, as two years ago, we headed to Lake Billy Chinook. LBC is NW of Redmond, Oregon. It is a huge, beautiful lake that is fed by something like five different tributaries. It is in a deep canyon.

We headed out Friday morning, and were on the lake by about 1 in the afternoon! The weather was spectacular! HOT and SUNNY!


On the lake!

We stayed at a campground a few miles from the lake. It is a very nice place and we had an incredible view from our campsite.

I didn’t take too many pictures this year. I was too busy enjoying myself. Some highlights of the trip: Saturday afternoon a crazy lightning-thunder-rain storm billowed up and stormed. It was really awesome and spectacular. We were all huddling in our vehicles. Good camping memories!

Sunday the wind was blowing like crazy on the lake so we only stayed out about half the day. Back at the campground the guys, and our friends’ daughter Mckenna, decided to play a round of shuffleboard.

 Uhm. HILARIOUS. There was much “discussion” about the rules, how to play and score. Soooo funny! The ladies sat back, listened and laughed.

Monday was time to head back home. It was a long weekend, as usual, but wonderful. We met some new friends, spent time with “old” friends, and enjoyed the beauty of Oregon.

Tuesday night we had tickets to see Foreigner in concert. Yes they are still around and they did an amazing job! Plus, the people watching was EPIC!

The following weeked we realized that it was garden harvesting time, at least for a few things, like pickles and beans. So we worked in the garden and then did some canning. 
We also had a new kitty visitor…I’ve only seen him the one time but he stopped long enough to get a couple pets.
Okay! I think that catches us up on the July main events! Today is August and we have a VERY busy 5 or 6 weeks ahead of us with multiple house guests, internship, the end of summer session, my week long post-session, work, the garden and trying to get as much play time in as possible before the weather starts to cool off.
Stay tuned!

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