Casa Beebe

Sweet Tooth

I have a crazy sweet tooth. It really sucks. It sucks because I can gain weight like no body’s business…and sugar just packs it on. But I love cookies and ice cream, especially. LOVE them. Love. love.

Anyway…Tonight I wanted some chocolate chip cookies, but I don’t have any chocolate chips (on purpose…for just this reason!) but, after digging around in my “baking box” I came up with an alternate solution.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookies.


So I whipped up a batch and as I am mixing it all up and feeling guilty about making cookies I don’t need to eat I remembered one of my great ideas of the past!

Freeze the dough.


Here’s what I did: I made up the dough.

 Then I made one full sheet of cookies and baked them.

Then I got out a sheet of parchment paper.

I dumped the remaining dough onto the parchment paper.
Then, using the parchment paper so I didn’t get my hands icky, I made a dough log.
The dough log got cut in half (there was a lot of dough)…

…and placed into a zip-top freezer bag, labeled and stuck in the freezer.

Now my pigging out on cookies is limited to the one cooked batch, but if I want to make a couple of cookies later I can just cut slices off the frozen dough log and bake them. Portion control!


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This entry was posted on August 2, 2012 by in baking, food.
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