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Primary Passions

I just saw a tweet that said “Blog your passions, not what you think people want you to be passionate about” by @sarahkayhoffman. I don’t know Sarah, and her tweet was a re-tweet, but I’m glad I got it.

I think there is a ton of wisdom in this little less than 140 character sound-bite.

If a blogger wants to “make it big” (which I do) with their blog there is so much to think about. What is your niche market? Are you a food blogger? A fitness blogger? A mommy blogger? Or something else entirely? How do you find a niche? How do you market your blog and connect with your readers? Do you put ads on your page, sign up for various pay-by-click programs, pay for a website? There is much more.

There is also a significant amount of competition for readership (not a bad thing) and an unintended (I think) level of trying to fit in with, or copy (in the manner of copying is the finest form of flattery) the platform and content of other bloggers. Some of this is human nature, but it can create challenges when deciding where one wants their blog to go, what they want it to be about and who they want to connect with.

I have pretty much decided that my blog is about my life. That is what it says —- > over there on the side bar. This blog is about my life and the stuff I do. It is also about ways to improve our world. And that means that I blog, also, about the things I am passionate about.

I don’t think it always comes across as an obvious passion, though. In light of this, I thought I would take a moment and be specific.

My primary passions I focus on here in this blog (and in life) are the following (not in weighted order):

1. Food
    – Non-Genetically Modified Food
    – Agribusiness/Globalization of Food
    – Growing my own/Preserving my own/Cooking with my own

2. Fitness
    – My own journey and struggle
    – Motivation (for you and me)

3. Inspiration/Happiness
    -The Secret/Universe
    – Goals/Future
    – Living the life I want, right now (—- > it says that over there, too).

4. Animals

5. Love
    – Christopher

6. Adventures!
    – Life is an adventure and I try to live it!

Those are my primary passions that I share about here. I talk about lots of things, books I read, movies I watch, restaurants and other places I go, but really, I am here talking about the things I am passionate about. Food, Love, Fitness, Inspiration, Adventure, Animals (my kitty girl) and the things that I BELIEVE fit within that frame of reference for me.

If you are here reading, I hope you enjoy what you see! If you want to see more of something or more information about something, drop me a note! I would love to hear from you.

Also, remember you can find me on twitter @BlurbColumn, on Facebook under Blurb Column, and on goodreads and pinterest under Corrie Beebe.

If I say something you find valuable I would love it if you would share with your friends and followers.

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