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Boats, Cats, Pickles & Pesto

A couple weekends ago Chris and I had a busy weekend planned, but wanted to get out on the boat, so, as I wrote about, we took our morning coffee to the lake. It was lovely.

This past weekend, Saturday was over 100 degrees. We had another busy weekend, but again, wanted to get out on the boat. I suggested that perhaps we have ourselves a little “dinner cruise.”

Saturday late afternoon we hooked up the boat and headed to the lake.

We made a little pit-stop at KFC. 🙂 I know…it is terrible food, but once or twice a year Chris and I do a picnic of KFC. We get an 8 piece bucket with 2 sides and enjoy it.

When we got to the lake is was probably 4 o’clock or so. The water was pretty calm for a hot late afternoon, but the lake was pretty busy! We headed up to our favorite spot in the no-wake zone to relax and cool off.
I had to break out my fancy koozy for a refreshing beverage.

Chris and I relaxed, listened to music, sat on our swim steps and cooled off in the refreshing lake water. Later, after dinner, we enjoyed a glass of wine.

We got off the lake around 8:45 or so and headed home. It was a beautiful and relaxing way to escape some of the heat!
Other fun things we did over the weekend include MORE PICKLES!

 We also did some more harvesting, including POTATOES:

We already harvested the GARLIC, but it was dried and ready to be cleaned up a bit.

Of course, I took some pictures of Miss Roxie.
Hanging out in the hosta.

“Helping” me with thank-you cards.

 Which clearly wore her out…

 Hogging the bed…

 And, of course, giving me serious attitude…

The rest of the weekend involved some amazing food.
Homemade pizza with my own garden fresh pesto, local tomatoes, onion, green olive and mozzarella, baked at 500 for about 15 minutes or so, and then topped with garden fresh basil.

 I’m not sure I can adequately describe the deliciousness that was this pizza.

And apparently I am on a pesto kick (I have some to use up from last year before I start making more from this years basil) because I made this pasta dish with pesto, green olives, some onion, red bell pepper, tomato, garlic, garden fresh green beans, garden fresh zucchini and garden fresh eggplant. So fresh and good!

The week has already gotten away from me…it is Tuesday night and I have been elbow deep in homework most of the afternoon. I wrapped up one of my summer classes and am nearly done with another. The third I have a bit more time on. The home stretch of the summer session!
Time for me to go make dinner. I’m going to come up with another concoction of some kind to use more eggplant and zucchini! Wish me luck!

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