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My Feet Are Beat!

I’ll spare you a picture of my dirty feet… 🙂 That is one way I always KNOW it is feet get filthy! I hate wearing shoes in the summer. … Continue reading

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Wildlife Safari

Here in Southern Oregon in a town called Winston is a very cool place called Wildlife Safari. Wildlife Safari is home to over 600 animals from 80 different species, according … Continue reading

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Happy # 3-6!

Today is my birthday! Yay! I love birthday’s, especially my own! 🙂 I turn 36 today, so officially starting the second half of my 30’s and slipping ever closer to … Continue reading

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Girlfriends Weekend

What  A Great Weekend! As I said last time two my best girlfriends came to spend a long weekend with me. We had a great time and did lots of … Continue reading

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Weekend Rewind

What a lovely Memorial Day Weekend! Rewind to Friday: First thing Friday morning I headed out to get some training miles on my feet for the half marathon (that is … Continue reading

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More Fun With A New Bang Bang

Chris decided he needed a new handgun the other day. I know! What for? He already has one! Whatever, he’s a dude. He had come across some information about a … Continue reading

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Pow Pow Pow!

A couple of weekends ago Chris and I decided to head out to our local outdoor shooting range and put some rounds through his guns. Now, let me start by … Continue reading

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Spring Break!

I posted a comment on Facebook and said that Chris and I were kicking off spring beak* at Seven Feathers Hotel and Casino. My friend Mar noticed the spelling error … Continue reading

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Fall Festivities!

What a GREAT weekend! One of my besties came to visit me! AND we went on a wine tasting tour! Such fun! My friend Heidi came to visit me for … Continue reading

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Charter Fishing

Chris and I have talked about going Charter Fishing, oh, about a million times in the almost twenty years we have been together. Guess what!? We finally got around to … Continue reading

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