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Girlfriends Weekend

What  A Great Weekend!

As I said last time two my best girlfriends came to spend a long weekend with me. We had a great time and did lots of cool stuff! I have a couple of posts in the works but here is a rundown of our adventures.

Friday we got up and visited over coffee and then decided to head out for a walk.

Jennifer & Kelsey on the airport walking path
It was a beautiful day, not too hot. We walked just shy of 3 miles in a little less than an hour, chatting and catching up on life the whole time. When we got back we got cleaned up and headed out to our favorite local pizza place, Kaleidoscope Pizza. We got a half Pesto Supreme and half American Beauty. The pizza is so delicious!
Jennifer & Kelsey

Kelsey & me

Jennifer & me
Afterwards we did some Old Navy shopping and then went to Roxy Ann Winery for some tasting. I didn’t love anything this time, but we still had a nice time.
We got home and decided to relax on the beach before dinner. 
Kelsey, Chris, and Jennifer in the shadows
Dinner was grilled salmon with baked potatoes and side salad. Delicious! We stayed up visiting for a while but had to get up early Saturday so called it a relatively early night.
Saturday we headed out to Grants Pass to go on the Hellgate Jet Boat tour of the Rogue River. Chris and I did this last summer with my other best girlfriend Heidi, but Kelsey and Jennifer had never been.
Me, Kelsey & Jennifer getting ready for Hellgate adventures!
Our ride
Kelsey, Jennifer & me on the jetboat
Me n my silly boyfriend
Hellgate Canyon…looking up at the rock walls
Hellgate Canyon

Kelsey & Jennifer got a bit wet on one of the spins!

 We saw several bald eagles, osprey, deer and the beautiful scenery of the Rogue River and Hellgate Canyon. It was a supremely lovely morning for a jet boat ride. Afterward we stopped at Taprock for lunch.

 I can honestly say this restaurant is probably *the* best restaurant we’ve been to here in Southern Oregon. The restaurant was beautiful, the service was amazing, the food was delicious, the prices were reasonable and we had a great view of the river.

Kelsey, Jennifer and me on the patio at Taprock

Kelsey, Jennifer and Chris getting ready to enjoy lunch

After lunch (the three girls had halibut and chips which were amazing, Chris had a fireburger-a burger with salsa and avocado) we headed back toward home. We stopped by Del Rio Winery to do a little shopping and tasting but unfortunately there were a bunch of morons at the tasting counter who were so oblivious and wrapped up in flirting with the gals working there that we couldn’t get up to the counter. We tasted a couple wines but the whole experience was super annoying so we just left.

When we got home we hung out on the patio, in the sun or shade depending. Chris and I took a little nap and Kelsey and Jennifer read magazines and listened to music in the sun. It was a very relaxing evening. We had some margaritas and enjoyed some more time on the beach. Dinner was grilled steak and salad. We didn’t have any early morning plans, but we were all feeling pretty tired so we headed to bed not too late.

Sunday we had a lazy morning before heading out to spend the day on the lake. It was hot but so great!

Kelsey and me (standing), Jennifer sitting with her new old navy cowboy hat on
mandatory boating self portrait

Kelsey in the back enjoying the sun and spray

Maybe a little too much spray! She got doused pretty good!

me and my silly boyfriend again

Kelsey & Jennifer enjoying the ride

After a long, hot day of relaxing on the lake we headed home. Us girls went and saw Snow White and the Huntsman which was amazing!! I was so enthralled the whole time. Loved it and suggest seeing it for men and women. It is an action packed, great film. Even Kristen Stewart doesn’t suck as snow white. She actually does a really good job. Charlize Theron is amazing and Chris Hemsworth is just yummy. A great story, not at all predictable and not even comparable to Mirror Mirror (which wasn’t good). GO see this! It is great!!

A little bit more visiting when we got home and then it was time for the girls to get packed up and ready for early Monday flights home.

We had a really spectacular, fun-filled weekend. Lots of laughs and sunshine and memories. I am so glad they came to hang out and am already looking forward to next time!

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