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Wildlife Safari

Here in Southern Oregon in a town called Winston is a very cool place called Wildlife Safari. Wildlife Safari is home to over 600 animals from 80 different species, according to their website. When we lived in Portland I heard about Wildlife Safari and wanted to visit, but it was about a 3 hour drive. Since we have moved to Southern Oregon I have been waiting for the right opportunity to go. We live just over an hour or so to the south. My birthday weekend turned out to be the perfect opportunity.

Wildlife Safari is not a zoo. For the most part the animals are not caged or corralled. A few of them are, for safety reasons, like the bears, tigers, lions, etc. But the majority of the animals are allowed to range freely on the property.

The park is segmented into two areas. The first is the drive-through, which is what we did. The second (which we did not do) is the Village. The drive-through is exactly that. The people stay in the car and drive slowly through the park property. The animals are all around in the fields, ranging freely, hanging out, eating, etc. They can come right up to the vehicle. We took a bunch of pictures and it was a really really cool experience!

I am SO glad we went and did this. I would recommend this to anyone if they are in the area or driving through. It takes about an hour to visit the drive through part of the park. Here are a bunch of pictures of the animals we saw. Remember you can click the images directly to enlarge them.

American Bison

Asian Yak


Siberian Tiger

There were many other animals, some pictures turned out better than others. We saw rhino’s, too, but they were pretty far away. There were several monkeys, several different kinds of deer-type creatures, various goat species, elk and much more. It really was amazing and such a great way to see a variety of animals.

Wildlife Safari is all about animal conservation and education. They have one of the most successful cheetah breeding programs in the US. To find out more about the great things that you can do and see, or ways to help Wildlife Safari, visit their website.

And, if you are ever driving on I5 in Southern Oregon, put an extra hour or so in your schedule to go and check out the amazing animals at Wildlife Safari!

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