Casa Beebe

More Fun With A New Bang Bang

Chris decided he needed a new handgun the other day.

I know! What for? He already has one!

Whatever, he’s a dude.

He had come across some information about a Smith and Wesson 9mm Shield. It is brand new and wasn’t even available in our local stores yet. Chris got on the waiting list and bought the only one that came in before it even hit the shelf. He was super excited! So of course we had to go out and test it out!

Do you remember that I couldn’t even fire his other 9mm when we went out shooting a couple weeks ago? Well, I did not have that problem with this gun. It is quite a bit smaller and the trigger is not so heavy. But for some reason I was a terrible shot with this gun. I felt like the whole angle was off with the target for me – like I was too short or something. 

We had a good time! The sun was shining and Chris really liked the way the new gun fired and felt. Another fun adventure for us! 

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This entry was posted on May 17, 2012 by in adventures.
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