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Mt Shasta

Mt. Shasta

When the opportunity came for Chris and I to move from Portland, Oregon to Medford, Oregon one of the reasons we decided to accept the job transfer was our love of adventure and exploring. Southern Oregon and Northern California would be an entirely new world to explore. Chris and I were both raised in the Pacific Northwest, he in Olympia, Washington and I in Vancouver, Washington. We had spent our youth and early married years exploring Washington and Northern and Central Oregon, even into parts of Idaho. The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful place, and no we have not explored every little inch, but we have been many places. Maybe future blog posts will discuss old adventures around Oregon, Washington and Idaho. This post is about NEW adventures.

For Spring Break Chris and I decided to head south to visit Mt. Shasta. We had driven by a few times, but never been there. Chris wanted to do some snowboarding and I wanted to relax after a particularly grueling Winter Term where I took 20 credits, not to mention I was still recovering from the emotional ordeal with mom’s Fall hospitalization. I wanted some peace, quiet, and a massage. 🙂

We made arrangements to stay in Mt. Shasta City at the Mt. Shasta Resort and golf course. We arrived Friday afternoon and got settled in a cool, newly refurbished mountain cabin. Oh, and it was snowing. It had been snowing for about 24 hours according to the locals. There was probably about a foot of snow on the ground. Chris was excited! Fresh powder on the slopes for the next day!

We went to dinner at the golf course restaurant. Truly, the best dinner out we have had in this area since we moved here. I was still doing my spring cleanse, so decided on a mushroom barley soup, grilled salmon, veggies and rice pilaf. It was SO delicious. The mushroom barley soup was amazing, made with real mushrooms and packed with flavor. The salmon and veggies were not soaked in butter, but truly just grilled and steamed. I don’t remember what Chris got…probably prime rib…but I do know that his dinner was delicious as well. We were both very impressed. We had a lovely view of the golf course, freshly covered in untouched snow.

We stayed up late watching movies and talking. It snowed all night.

The next morning Chris hit the slopes and I headed to the spa at the resort for an hour long facial AND an hour long massage. Without a doubt the best facial I have ever had and the massage was pretty amazing, too. I walked out of there a couple hours later feeling like a big pile of mush…in a good way. It was still snowing. In fact, the road has been plowed before I went for my massage, and after two hours there was already over 2 inches of fresh snow on the road. It was really coming down.

Chris ended up coming back early from the Mountain. The conditions up there were very poor, due to the snow storm. Windy, cold, and so much heavy wet snow that when he would fall down he would be up to his chest in snow and then have to somehow dig/climb out of snow that didn’t have any pack to it. He was exhausted after only a few runs. He came back to the cabin to recharge. Basically the rest of the day was spent relaxing with each other, talking, watching cooking shows and we went for a walk…in the snow. It was still snowing.

It snowed all night.

Sunday morning we decided to head back home early. It was still snowing. Getting out of Mt. Shasta city proved to be interesting as several people who shouldn’t have been were out trying to drive around in the two feet of snow that had fallen. The maintenance crews were focusing on main streets and I5, not side streets.

We headed back home and as we got farther North the snow dissipated and it became dry and sunny. The people heading south were not so lucky. Chains were required. This is the line of trucks and vehicles that were either stopped to chain up, or were parked waiting for the roads to clear.

Our trip to Mt. Shasta was great. An adventure in ways we weren’t expecting. I look forward to heading back there for another special weekend trip, maybe in the summer.

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