Casa Beebe

Chris Beebe’s Summer Staycation Day 6

I don’t have any really amazing pictures of breathtaking wilderness today because instead of heading out and adventuring we decided to spend the last day of Staycation 2011 at home.

We puttered in the garden.

We went out to breakfast.

We sat in the sun.

I took a nap.

Chris puttered with his cars.

We met the neighbors and spent two hours visiting and chatting with them, touring each others’ yards and gardens and sharing various tidbits of yard and garden wisdom. We had good bits of info for them and they had good bits of info for us! They were friendly and we shared some good laughs. Nice people.

Turns out our “cherry” tree, or what we thought was maybe a plum-cherry is actually just a plum. According to the neighbor, Cathy, it isn’t really supposed to fruit, more of an ornamental, but sometimes they do. I think she called it a Thundercloud Plum. So that was interesting.

In the evening we grilled part of the salmon that we purchased from the fresh butcher shop. Wow…it was amazing. Buttery and delicious! I served it with some green beans from our garden and the last of our Shamelessly Stolen Summer Pasta Salad (see previous post-I TOLD you if you make it for yourself you will be eating pasta salad for a week).

After that it was time for our typical Sunday night routine.

We really had an excellent vacation. Chris was able to forget about work for a while; we were able to go on some wonderful adventures in beautiful places; we were able to explore more of Southern Oregon and Northern California; we were able to fulfill some of our “things we want to do” and we were really able to relax and enjoy.

I hope you all have enjoyed the “online scrapbook” of Staycation 2011. I have enjoyed putting it together for you.

Today is back to our regular routine: work, exercise, healthy food and daily living.

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