Casa Beebe

Sunday Picnic

Okay, so I admit that Sunday afternoon I was going flippin’ stir crazy with boredom! We didn’t have anything we *had* to do, the garden was taken care of, the house and laundry and stuff were done, we weren’t taking the boat out, it was hot and I was BORED!

I told Chris we HAD to go do something or I was going to have a meltdown. Poor Chris.

We decided to take the Samurai out for a little drive in the hills above Jacksonville, again, to alleviate boredom and escape some of the heat. It worked out perfectly! I felt so much better as soon as we got on the road. Disaster averted!!

We just drove up this hill and I am looking behind us out over Medford, looking east.

It is already looking like fall in the mountains.

One of the roads we were trekking on.

The end of the road. Someone has painted “this way to freedom” on the yellow gate.


We found a little picnic/viewing spot.


Well, DUH.

Picnic essentials.

Never leave home without a bottle opener. Girl Scout preparedness tip # 1.

Good times!

OH! Party foul! Should have brought the stemless glasses….this one fell over from my cup holder. 😦

The sunset….gorgeous!

We had a lovely evening. It was just what I needed to get out of my boredom funk. Thank you for taking me on a Sunday night picnic adventure honey!

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