Casa Beebe

The Universe is Speaking

Synchonicity abounds in my life right now. Everywhere I turn I am being bombarded with the messages from the universe. She is responding to what I am putting out to her about what I want in my life, how I want my life to be.

I have been saying “I want to live my life right now, the way I dream it would be.”

In response the universe points me out the door to LIVE my life. When I am bored, or searching for the unknown something, the universe whispers in my ear “Live your life Right Now! Don’t Wait!” And when I hear that whisper I get up and DO whatever it is that I need to do at that moment to feel like my life is being lived!


I read a blog post from a friend. Her words mimic my own. She is looking at her life and realizing she is not living it! Her life is not what she envisioned it would be. She doe not know how she got to the point in her life where she is, but she is realizing she doesn’t like the unlived life she is existing within. She is having her own awakening.

Facebook posts from various sources are supporting my wishes to the universe; cementing the rightness of my want to live my life.

I am surrounded by the message of the universe that YES life is meant to be lived! That I am on the right track. That I am supported in my desire to start living life right now. To not wait for some imagined perfect future.

I am reminded in various ways to start where I am, with the tools that I have, and not to worry about what is next. I am reminded to simply start, to take the first steps and that the next steps will follow and by taking each successive step I will begin to walk my very own best path to MY fully lived life.

I am feeling surrounded by the energy of the universe, empowering and enlivening me in my quest to not waste my life.

I get whispers from the universe….she tells me to do it….dream it…live it!

And so I am.

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This entry was posted on August 10, 2011 by in awakening, inspiration.
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