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Kitty Pictures!

I am not a crazy cat lady. I have pretty much always had a cat, but never more than one or two at a time.

That is plenty for me. I simply do not have what it takes to have multiple pets. Cats are good for me because they are pretty independent creatures. Yes, I need to feed them and clean the potty box, but really, they can survive without me just fine.

Dogs, on the other hand, need their people every day. Dogs need much more attention, training and time than cats.

Babies, even more so!

I will just stick with my cat.

I just thought today I would share a few pictures of my current cat Ashley, and my Phantom kitty, who is no longer with us.

Ashley is probably about 17 years old, and Phantom was closer to 20 when we said goodbye.

Ever since we moved to Medford Ashley has become a different cat. She used to be completely freaked out by people. She wouldn’t go outside. She wouldn’t eat people food. She would only allow Chris to pet her on her towel in one spot. She would never enter our office room.

Now, she is a big pest! She jumps up on the desk, gets in the way of the monitor, meows to go outside, begs at the table every day, AND she hung out in the kitchen with us when we had guests!

I don’t know what happened. She got old or something.

Here are a few pictures of my kitties, just for fun.

Phantom kitty

They NEVER sat by each other. This was RARE.

Ashley (or as my friend Jennifer calls her: Smokey!)

Aww…sleepy kitty


She always had her tongue out….cute!

Her favorite spot…on top of whomever was sitting down.

Always looks grouchy.

In the office! Brave girl.

How about you? Dog person? Cat person? Or do you have an exotic pet of some kind?

One comment on “Kitty Pictures!

  1. Marcela
    August 20, 2011

    Corrie- I had my black cat Baby for 22 years. When she was born in my neighbors back yard the Mom was eating her babies my Mom yanked her out and we stole her because the neighbors were hoarders. Anyway we raised her she was my cat. We had another cat named Chopper he was FAT he died of leukemia we had to put him down. Anyway Baby moved all over with us. I got her in the divorce and she traveled to Nampa. Long story short I married Brian she was getting so old that she was having accidents in the house so at night she slept in the garage with Duke Brian's cat. He had a heater put in just for her because she was so skinny. After taking her to the vet for weeks my vet grabbed my hand and said let her go. One of the hardest things to do but I think she stayed with me until I was OK to be with out her. I don't know if I will get a cat again because our neighbor was trapping something and Duke got in it and ran away after he ate the food. It was mixed with Tylenol pm. We have pugs but I don't feel that same connection as I did to our cat's.

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