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The Greatest Man I Ever Knew

Thomas Edward Murawski
December 30, 1935 – August 29, 1998

Grandpa Tom and Grandma Marge at Disneyland when I was in the second grade.

Grandma Marge, me, Grandpa Tom in Sedona Arizona when I was in the sixth grade.

Grandpa Tom mid 1990’s

Grandpa Tom giving me away at my wedding September 27, 1997

I love this picture….Sept. 27, 1997

Grandpa Tom, me and Grandma Marge at my wedding Sept. 27, 1997. Bittersweet smiles.

Official Obituary below courtesy of The Columbian. What this obituary does not say is what an amazing man my grandpa was.

He was intelligent; a thinker! He was amazingly giving and caring. He was strong. He was an engineer and an incredible wood craftsman. He built all kinds of furniture by hand including a vanity I was given as a child that I still have.

In addition to woodworking, golf and classical music, he loved fishing and living on Puget Sound. A few brief words are not enough to describe the man, nor his impact on the lives of those he touched.

If I ever were to have a hero, he would be it. He taught me many things about life, love, respect, money and hard work. His words and beliefs echo in my head daily in many ways. It could be doing work in my garden, or building a fence, or just enjoying a lovely meal with family, he is there in my head.

My grandpa passed away 13 years ago today, at the very young age of 62, of melanoma skin cancer. He is missed every single day.

The Columbian (Vancouver, WA)

Thomas E. Murawski


A former Vancouver resident, Thomas Edward Murawski, 62, died of cancer at home Saturday, Aug. 29, 1998.

He had lived in Olympia for the past 22 years.

Mr. Murawski, who was born Dec. 30, 1935, in Vancouver, graduated from Evergreen High School and Clark College.

Mr. Murawski was a civil engineer who worked for the state Department of Transportation from 1956 to 1982. After retiring from the state job, he last worked at Harding Lawson Association in Bellevue.

He was a member of the Washington National Guard for 15 years.

Survivors include his wife, Margaret, at home; his mother, Helen T. Murawski of Vancouver; two daughters, Marjorie Dausener of Olympia and Kara Sutton of Redmond, Wash.; one brother, Jerry of Vancouver; five grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

He enjoyed classical music, golf and woodworking.

He was very interested in collecting glassware.

A memorial service will begin at 2 p.m. Thursday at St. Mark Lutheran Church in Lacey.

Memorial contributions may be made to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute, 1124 Columbia St., Seattle, WA 98104.

If anyone is interested in making a tax deductible donation to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute, where my grandfather was treated with love and kindness, you can click the link. Donate.

One comment on “The Greatest Man I Ever Knew

  1. Corrie
    August 31, 2011

    Further proof that my grandpa was an amazing man who truly impacted the lives of those around him: I have had people tell me they very much appreciate me posting this tribute, and that they would post comments but it is just too personal. I have been told of emotional responses. I have been told that even though the time was short the impact was great and lasting. My grandpa was an incredible man; a real man. He knew how to love his family, work hard and teach by example. A truly stellar individual.

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