Casa Beebe

Last Boating Trip of 2011?

Saturday afternoon Chris and I were B O R E D. It was H O T. We were getting to the bickering stage. I told him we better go do something and fast!
Though it was already 3 in the afternoon we decided to load up quickly and take the boat out…with our fishing poles.
We headed to our favorite lake, Lost Creek Lake. Believe it or not, the water level was even lower than last week! We figure it was at least 2 feet lower…the boat launch actually said “use at your own risk”. Crazy!
The weather here was gorgeous, hot hot hot and sunny! On the lake it was lovely…a slight breeze, sunny and still hot, but not sweltering.

There were a whole bunch of birds circling near us. So cool!

We found a little spot to anchor up and do some fishin’ and relaxin’. (We didn’t catch any fish.)

We hung out there, sometimes fishing, sometimes just talking, sometimes just sitting in the peace and quiet of the lake…
We did have a tiny bit of excitement. There were two houseboats beached near us and one of them caught on the kitchen maybe? It obviously wasn’t that bad of a fire because the people were laughing and relaxing a few minutes later, but we could hear them yelling and saw them running around with the fire extinguisher and could see the smoke coming out of a window. SCARY! Fires on boats are B A D. I was all ready to go over and lend assistance as needed…luckily not needed.
Speaking of fires, there are tons of wildfires going on right now all around us. The sky is quite hazy, but we aren’t smelling the smoke. It did make for a beautiful sunset.

I’m not sure if this is our official last boating trip of the season…we may manage to get her out a few more times, weather and water levels permitting. But it was a great way to spend our September Saturday afternoon.

What did you do to enjoy your gorgeous September Saturday?

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