Casa Beebe

Who do you believe you are?

“It’s not who you are that holds you back,
 it’s who you think you’re not.”
Do you have a dream?
A goal?
A wish?
What is your dream?
What is your goal?
What is your wish?
What do you wish, with all of your heart, soul and being?
What are you doing to achieve it?
To make your dream come true?
Often we think that our dreams are too big, too unachievable. They will cost too much. Take too much time. Be too hard.
People will make fun of us.
We find all kinds of excuses for not achieving our goals, for not fulfilling our wishes.
In truth, there is nothing holding us back from our greatest desires…
except ourselves, and what we believe about ourselves.
What we believe ourselves to be capable of, or not.
Take time today to think about your true desire.
Don’t worry about it being too big, too far, too much.
Just stop, close your eyes, and visualize yourself living the dream of your most perfect life.
Are you singing on a stage in a stadium of adoring fans?
Are you atop a mountain?
Are you chasing after a housefull of kids, cats, dogs and chaos?
Are you selling books and making public appearances?
Are you creating art, in whatever form?
Are you living in a mansion or on a farm on in another country?

What are you doing in your dream life?

And why are you not doing it in your real life?
What do you believe about yourself that is preventing you from taking the steps to achieve it?
Share your dreams with the universe.
Envision yourself living your dream.
Set aside thoughts that you can’t.
You are worth it! You can do it! Your life is meant to be lived! Your dreams are meant to be achieved!
We were not put here on this planet to simply live and exist!
We were put here on this planet to THRIVE!
Start living!
“Make the most of yourself,
for that is all there is of you.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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