Casa Beebe

Sunday Snippets

1. Question: Are you a female football fan? FFF?

I am. In fact, I am more the football fan in our house than Chris is. I am the one that was happy to have NFL Sunday Ticket, and I am the the one who pays attention to who is playing and when. I am currently enjoying the Steelers game against the Colts in Indiana.  Gooo Steelers!!  10 unanswered points so far. 🙂

*well by the time I’m done typing this and eating dinner, we are down 13-10 with some crazy sack fumbles! Sheesh!

2. Is there anything you don’t eat or drink because it gives you the hiccups?

I can hardly drink soda without getting the hiccups. If I add rum, I don’t get the hiccups, but if I just have soda…hiccup city. Do you have weird food or drink side effects?

3. Did you read anything great this weekend?

 I read a great book this weekend! Friday actually. It is called “The Winter Sea” by Susanna Kearsley. It is a great book, historical, time travel-y, present day, love, romance, and dealing with one of my favorite themes: the Jacobite/Stewart Scottish attempts to regain the throne of Scotland. Not dry or boring. Fun and engaging throughout!

4. Not a question. Chris started working on my car finally. He spent the entire day today pulling the motor. Yikes!

5. What’s on the dinner menu tonight?
Tonight we are having wild Alaskan salmon steaks, sesame cucumber salad, and baked potatoes (both cukes and potatoes from our garden). Pretty soon I will be switching things up and Sunday night/Football night dinner will be more like roasts, stews, chili’s, and soups. Things that can cook all day in the oven or in the crockpot. I’ll be sharing those recipes as we move through the fall.
Hope you all had an awesome weekend! Tomorrow is my first day of school! I’m nervous, but excited.
My posts might get a a bit less frequent as I get used to my new schedule. See you all soon!!

2 comments on “Sunday Snippets

  1. Corrie
    September 26, 2011

    Last night's game was so intense! I loved it! I'm not all excited about next Sunday night's game, but I'm sure I'll still watch.Hope bug feels better today!

  2. Marcela
    September 26, 2011

    1. Ha we are so similar yes I am way more involved in football than Brian is switching back and forth between games. While he was reading football articles from our last game.2.Nothing I've eaten/drank so far gives me the hiccups.3. Read anything nope not at all unless you are talking about children's books plenty of those went around this weekend.4. Brian recently purchased new tires for my car and had the dealership change my headlight.5. Dinner was simple one sick kiddo so soup for him and tacos for the rest except me no meat adventure still.

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